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Sweets can damage teeth

For decades, scientists have known that bad bacteria living in dental plaque convert sugars from food into acids that are harmful to teeth. The sugar from candy, snacks, cereals, bread, crackers, dried fruit and other sweet and starchy foods can cause a feeding-frenzy for these acid producing bacteria. Acidic sugary foods and beverages, such as sodas, sports drinks and citric juices can be even more harmful.
Dry Mouth and Medical Conditions
Can Make Matters Worse —

What you need to know

Dry mouth (also known as or xerostomia) creates an oral environment that favors the bad bacteria. It affects about 1 of every 4 adults and is most often caused by the use of prescription and non-prescription medications. Medical conditions, including Sjögren's Syndrome, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and certain cancer treatments can lead to chronic dry mouth.

Do you have dry mouth or a sweet tooth? Are you concerned about taking care of your teeth? Then consider trying BasicBites which neutralize plaque acids while fortifying and protecting enamel surfaces.

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These delicious chocolate flavored soft chews neutralize harmful sugar acids while fortifying your enamel. Nationally recognized dentists and dental hygienists recommend BasicBites for adults, teens and children 6 years of age and older.

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