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BasicBites - There's a pH tug of war going on in your mouth
See how BasicBites work
Dental plaque contains billions of microbes, some good,
some bad. BasicBites nourish beneficial pH-raising oral
bacteria while fortifying and protecting tooth surfaces.
What is Arginine Bicarbonate?

Arginine is a common amino acid found in healthy saliva that is a favored source of nourishment for the beneficial bacteria discovered in dental plaque. These good bacteria convert the arginine in BasicBites into tooth-protecting buffers that neutralize plaque acids and help keep a healthy oral pH (acid/base) balance.

Bicarbonate is an important acid-neutralizing buffer also naturally present in saliva. Together, arginine and bicarbonate can help maintain the right acid/alkaline pH balance on your tooth surfaces.

What is Calcium Carbonate?

Calcium is a mineral found in saliva important for remineralization, a natural repair process for rebuilding and protecting tooth surfaces. BasicBites bathe teeth with a source of calcium in a favored oral pH environment for remineralization.

Did you know that the surfaces of your teeth also have beneficial pH-raising bacteria that can neutralize harmful sugar acids?

BasicBites® sugar free chocolate soft chews nourish these “good” pH-raising bacteria to help maintain tooth enamel. These sugar free chocolate soft chews coat and enrich teeth with a patented blend of vital nutrients – arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate -– that are also found in healthy saliva. This revolutionary technology was developed by renowned research scientists at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine who discovered these beneficial pH-raising bacteria living on tooth surfaces. These researchers also identified a vital nutrient that these “good” bacteria convert to enamel protecting buffers.

Without killing or adding bacteria to the mouth, BasicBites mimic the natural protective processes of saliva to help maintain enamel health the way nature intended – neutralizing plaque acids and fortifying tooth enamel.

Review one year clinical abstract
and decades of supporting science-
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Nourishing your “Good” Bacteria–
Fortifying Enamel

* In vitro study conducted at Stony Brook University School of
Dental Medicine and sponsored by Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.