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What are BasicBites® usage directions?

BasicBites can be used by adults, teens and children six years of age and older. Take one BasicBites soft chew twice daily after brushing, flossing and rinsing your teeth. For best results, enjoy after breakfast and at bedtime. Like any sticky food, avoid use on loose or damaged fillings, teeth and dental appliances. Always supervise children while eating.

What are BasicBites?

BasicBites may look and taste like a candy, but these delicious 15-calorie sugar free chocolate flavored soft chews help maintain enamel health.

How do BasicBites Work?

BasicBites coat teeth with a patented blend of nutrients that take advantage of your mouth’s natural protective processes to neutralize harmful sugar acids and enrich and fortify tooth enamel.

What are the key nutrients in BasicBites and
how do they help maintain enamel health?

The unique multi-action technology in BasicBites contains vital nutrients (arginine, bicarbonate and calcium carbonate) that are normally present in saliva and are coordinated to support teeth in several ways.

Arginine is one of the 20 amino acids that are building blocks of proteins. Arginine can be produced by the body and can be obtained from consuming dietary proteins. Additionally, arginine is also secreted by salivary glands. Arginine was identified as a key nutrient in saliva that is favored by certain beneficial pH-raising bacteria that were discovered in dental plaque. These good bacteria convert arginine into tooth protecting buffers instead of harmful plaque acids. This results in immediate and sustained buffering that can help keep teeth in their healthy pH (acid/base) balance.

Calcium is a very important mineral found in the human body and saliva. When the surfaces of the teeth are in a normal pH range, the calcium carbonate in BasicBites is available to coat and enrich tooth structure. Bicarbonate is also naturally found in saliva. It provides additional buffering and supports the benefits of arginine and calcium.

Where was the technology in BasicBites invented?

The revolutionary and patented technology in BasicBites was developed by renowned research scientists in the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine.

Who should use BasicBites?

BasicBites are recommended for children six years of age and older, teens and adults. They are especially essential for those with diets high in sugars, dry mouth, or those looking for extra oral care support.

Why are BasicBites recommended just for children
six years of age and older?

The first permanent teeth usually appear in the mouth between ages six and seven. This process begins with the first molars (six year molars), and permanent teeth will continue to erupt through the teenage years and into the early 20s.

How do I know BasicBites are working?

BasicBites are clinically shown to help maintain enamel health.* Additionally, there is an extensive body of published clinical trials and research demonstrating the benefits of arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate in various oral care products in maintaining dental health.
*Based on a one year double blind placebo controlled clinical study in children.

Where are BasicBites manufactured?

BasicBites are manufactured in the United States.

How should I store BasicBites?

BasicBites should be stored at room temperature. If they are exposed to extreme heat or cold, let them settle at room temperature for several hours before consuming.

Do BasicBites contain gluten?

No, BasicBites are gluten free.

Are BasicBites dairy free?

Yes, BasicBites are dairy free.

Do BasicBites contain soy?

Yes, BasicBites contain Soy Lecthin as an emulsifier.

How much calcium is contained in BasicBites?

As an added benefit, BasicBites are an excellent source of calcium and a single serving provides 20% of your daily value.

How much arginine is contained in BasicBites?

A single serving of BasicBites contains a small fraction of the daily average amounts of arginine, a common amino acid, consumed by children and adults from food sources.

What is the source of arginine in BasicBites?

The arginine used in BasicBites is naturally derived from plant sources.

Are BasicBites Kosher?

Yes, BasicBites are kosher (manufactured on equipment that also processes dairy containing products).