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Ortek Therapeutics, Inc. is a global leader in developing and commercializing cutting edge oral and cutaneous microbiome technologies. Through its strategic alliance with the Research Foundation for the State University of New York, Ortek has developed major scientific advances in cavity prevention and detection as well as treatments for dentinal sensitivity.

Our core arginine bicarbonate/calcium carbonate technology, considered a major oral care breakthrough, is based on the scientific expertise of internationally recognized scientists in the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine. Additionally, this research partnership has led to the development of a patented early dental cavity detection system that is currently under regulatory review. Ortek has also received a patent for methods to use new compositions that naturally rebalance the body's cutaneous or skin microbiome to combat drug-resistant bacteria and suppress body odor.

Ortek was founded in 1998. It is our goal to develop a continuous stream of new products that will improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.
4 Expressway Plaza
Roslyn Heights, NY 11566

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